Work Process | ダイチトレード

Work Process

Respect of used items

Unnecessary and frequently used items. That have been kept for a long time but still a good condition.

Reuse and Reclycle

It is not a disposal, Maintenance so that it can be used. Unused items are reused as resources. Please entrust your valuable machines to Daichi Trade.

It cannot be used or broken.

The performance of machines and parts are to be used in different ways.

MaintenanceSTEP GUIDE


Cheak the manufacturer name, model, and serial number.

After checking the status, cleaning and dismantling.


Overseas export.(Container loading or current delivery.)

Overseas shipmentSTEP GUIDE



The purchase of DAICHI TRADE.Co.,LTD not a disposal
but It’s important that you ensure a smooth handoff of your work.
We will connect machines with memories and attachment to the next place of activity.