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長崎で重機・農機・建機・車・船舶エンジン売るならダイチトレード 高額買取 ダンプトラクタートラック廃車事故車等、古い動かない故障中まとめて買取OK!査定無料!

Products and Services

Farm equipment

Farm equipment

Demand for secondhand market is growing because now it time to sell.

● product/manufacturer

Tiller / Motor / Rice Plant / Tractor / sprayer / Mowing machinel / combine / Management machine
KUBOTA(クボタ) | ISEKI(イセキ) | YANMAR(ヤンマー) | MITSUBISHI(三菱) | shibaura(シバウラ) | Hinomoto(ヒノモト) | Ford(フォード) | Massey Ferguson(マッセイファーガソン) | etc.

Car・truck etc.

Car・truck etc.

Private car.Commercial vehicle.
Trucks with dump cranes, heavy equipment transport vehicles,etc.service everything.

● Product/manufacturer

Minicar / Standard-sized car / bus / truck / special vehicle etc.
Toyota(トヨタ) | Mitsubishi(三菱) | Isuzu(いすゞ(イスズ)) | Hino(日野) | NISSUN(ニッサン) | Mazda(マツダ) | Honda(ホンダ) | suzuki(スズキ) | Daihatsu(ダイハツ) | subaru(スバル) | Foreign cars(外国車等) | etc.

Heavy Equipment/Construction Machine

Heavy Equipment/Construction Machine machines.warehouse heavy there any construction machinery?

● product/manufacturer

Hydraulic excarators(Yumbo、backhoe、excavators、Power shovel) forklift construction machines、mini excavators.Wheel loaders (tire shovel)etc.
Komatsu(コマツ) | Yanmar(ヤンマー) | Kubota(クボタ) | Hitachi(日立) | Sumitomo(スミトモ) | Kobelco(コベルコ) | Mitsubishi(三菱) | tadano(タダノ) | UNIC(ユニック) | Furukawa(フルカワ) | sakai(サカイ) | CAT | IHI | TCM | KAWASAKI | AIRMAN(エアーマン) | KATO等

Ship engine

Ship engine

Please sell engine for ship which became unnecessary.
We buy anything including disel engine,large size, small generator,ourboard motor etc!
it is possible to purchase even in the state of breakdewn.

● product/manufacturer

Yanmar(ヤンマー) | Mitsubishi(三菱) | Komatsu(コマツ) | Isuzu(いすゞ(イスズ)) | NISSUN(ニッサン) | Yamaha(ヤマハ) | CAT等

Accommodation with e-mail is accepted here 24 hours a day

Free Assessment:0957-47-8129

Purchase flow

Step 1 Please email or call us.

Please inquire anything you interested.
When you tell the product name,manufacturer name,modle number etc.of the target product,the other dealings proceed smoothly.
Even if you don't know the details,please don't hesitate to contact us as there is no problem at all.

Step 2 Assessment date adjustment

If possible, We will visit you on the same day.
If you would like to inform us of the appraisal requst date.We will adjust the schedule and contact you back.

Step 3 Field inspection

It is speedy assessment,price presentation on the spot where you asked.
Cash payment is possible on the same day!
For products requiring procedures such as cars,we will carefully explain the flow and timing of deposits,necessary documents etc.

Step 4 Payment

Payment on the same day.We will pay cash in exchange for goods.

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