ENGLISH | ダイチトレード

Daichi Trade We export used farming machinery & equipment from JAPAN
Shipped by containers to the countries all over the world.

Purchase items

Agricultural equipment / heavy machinery / ship engines / cars / trucks / etc.


7 Advantages of purchasing company.

To satisfy our customers and entrust important machines.

  • Free checks!
  • Same day cash payment!
  • Broken it ’s okay!
  • Old items it’s okay!
  • Parts only it’s ok!
  • Document service it’s ok!
  • I will purchase more expensive!

If you have trouble with disposal of Agricultural equipment, Heavy machinery, Ships engine, Car and Truck. Please consult us.

  • Not using!
  • You want to see if it can be purchased.
  • Not sure a model number.
  • Available for purchase
  • It’s broken!
  • Trade in an old item for a new item!